Monday, June 9, 2008

Chilosa Blog: Wet Seal Photoshoot and Mun2 – Prima J All Day Baby!!

What's up everyone!!! Just keepin yall up to date with your favorite chilosa girls!!! :)

Last week we did a photoshoot for wet seal!! They have the most colorful, fun and stylish clothes! We are doing a major promotion with them and they are going to be selling our album "Prima J" in their stores starting June 17th! They are also doing a "backyard BBQ contest" on and the winner gets a shopping spree at wetseal and a bbq in your hometown with us!! So enter asap!!! Haha

After the photoshoot we went straight to the Mun2 studios at the universal citywalk to perform live on their show "VIVO"!!! We had sooo much fun so keep your eyes out for that performance!

That day was so crazy and we had mun2 taping us entire day! It was the taping for our final episode!!

I'm not sure if you guys have been watching our online series "inside out" on Mun 2 but it gives you a inside look at our lives not only as artists but also as normal teenage girls.

You can check out our online segments at , keyword: Prima J and stay tuned to Mun 2 for our on air segments that will begin airing very soon!!!

Don't forget the album comes out JUNE 17TH!!!!!! Aahhhhhh..... So close!!! Haha Much love everyone and keep checking back for more updates!!

Prima J all day baby!!