Monday, December 10, 2007

Interview with Dalina Rebollo

We are proud to welcome Dalina Rebollo to!

Dalina works as a hair stylist for the celebrity chic Hairrone salon located in Hollywood, CA. She has worked with celebrities including the Pussycat Dolls, celebrity boy band NLT, Lil’ Kim, N’SYNC star JC Chasez and many other hot stars. Originating from East LA, Dalina is a proud Latina influence in the entertainment business. She has overcome many obstacles that have earned her a spot as one of Hollywood’s hottest upcoming Latina hair stylist. She definitely is a Chilosa girl!!

We had an amazing opportunity to ask her the following questions:

1. Was it hard for your family to respect your dream of coming out to LA and pursuing your dream? Was it hard for you to break away from the traditional expectations of other Latin Americans? What has your experience been like thus far in the entertainment industry and what has helped you achieve your dream? Has being Latin American hinder or helped your successes?

Since my father is a doctor, it was very hard for him to respect my decision to be a hairdresser. I hid from him that I was in cosmetology school and waited until I was licensed and employed to break the news to him. He didn't understand my passion since my profession is not nearly as successful in Mexico as it is in the US. He was disappointed until he saw me grow in the entertainment industry. His respect grew after he started seeing my TV appearances on the search for the next doll on cw. That made him proud and realize how serious my commitment is. Working at Hairroin salon in Hollywood has made my experience in the entertainment industry positive because I work with a group of stylist who support my growth. Being a Latin American, I've had to strive to overcome peoples perception on Hispanic laborers. I am very proud of my heritage but don't let it define who I am. I want people to see past racial lines and prove to them that I can be a great and successful hairdresser as everyone else!
2. What are some personal obstacles you have overcome? Do you feel like obesity is common among Latin Americans and if so, can you describe your experience with it?

A very personal obstacle I've had to overcome is obesity. Obesity among Latin Americans is very common. My entire childhood I've suffered with obesity until I decided to make a change. When I turned 18, I got the lap band. That procedure made my life way easier, but at the same time, it was very challenging. I lost about 150 pounds and counting! Obesity seems to be a great excuse to not succeed and I didn't want any of that! I chose to not let anything hold me back from reaching my dream.... Whether it be being young, a girl, Latina, or overweight.

3. Being Latina and pursuing your aspirations of being in the entertainment industry what did you find to be encouraging / discouraging? The Prima girls use the work Chilosa to describe themselves. To them it means: A sassy, hot and feisty girl who’s independent with a little spice. She’s the fun and fearless girl next door with lots of spirit who has a deep sense of inner self confidence. She knows who she is inside and doesn’t have to put up false fronts to be something that she’s not. Would you describe yourself as a “Chilosa” women and why?

Its sometimes goes unrecognized how much Latin American culture has influenced fashion and hair trends through the years. Like Gwen and Fergie and my girls Prima J. All of them rock their bamboo earrings, dickies, cholaglam makeup with winged eye liner and super foxy hair!

These celebrities have encouraged the Latina American culture and it has given me a lot of self confidence! Like Prima J, I consider myself Chilosa because I am independent and proud of who I am. I have a lot of fun adapting my Latin American side into my work and seeing how much people love my style! Like my Primas, Janelle and Jessica say in rockstar, "we make walkin look like modelin!!!"